50 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Do with Sharpie

41 Geometric Wall Art

Geometric Wall Art41. Geometric Wall Art: Science was never my best subject, but every now and then I find myself using a little book learning in my everyday life. And this project? Definitely one of those times. It turns out Sharpie marker ink mixed with rubbing alcohol creates a very striking effect. Add some Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape, and you’ll be able to make a unique, DIY geometric textile worthy of hanging on your wall. The resulting effect is something akin to tie-die, but not in the 70’s hippy sort of way… in the modern, ombre, pop of color style that’s so popular today. The process is simple, and doesn’t require many… (via Curbly)

42 Doodling On Rocks

Doodling On Rocks42. Doodling On Rocks: Here’s a rock “painting” craft that doesn’t involve painting. It’s really just doodling on rocks. And as you can see, I had a great time doing this craft with my five year old. Though as it turned out, I loved… (via Creative Jewish Mom)

43 Cardboard Box Art

Cardboard Box Art43. Cardboard Box Art (via Alisa Burke)

44 Doodle Eggs

Doodle Eggs44. Doodle Eggs (via Alisa Burke)

45 Geometric Pouch

Geometric Pouch45. Geometric Pouch (via Dismount Creative)

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