50 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Do with Sharpie

46 Leopard Stool

Leopard Stool46. Leopard Stool: learn to make a diy leopard print with a few sharpies (via Little Pink Monster)

47 Sharpie Spin Art

Sharpie Spin Art47. Sharpie Spin Art: How to tutorial with video on making spin art with Sharpie markers. (via Bloom, Bake & Create)

48 Zero-Effort Tie-Dye Pillows

Zero-Effort Tie-Dye Pillows48. Zero-Effort Tie-Dye Pillows (via Radical Possibility)

49 Decorate Lamp

Decorate Lamp49. Decorate Lamp (via A Little Glass Box)

50 Sharpie Nail Art

Sharpie Nail Art50. Sharpie Nail Art (via Small Good Things)

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