50 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Do with Sharpie

31 Cheetah Print Sharpie Chair Covers

Cheetah Print Sharpie Chair Covers31. Cheetah Print Sharpie Chair Covers (via Little Green Notebook)

32 Crazy for Crosshatch

Crazy for Crosshatch32. Crazy for Crosshatch (via Mr. Handsomeface)

33 Sharpie Art Coffee Table

Sharpie Art Coffee Table33. Sharpie Art Coffee Table: So, things have stalled a bit in our office. End of school and life changes have kept us pretty busy these days. But that is okay, this week we are going full steam ahead!In the meantime, I am … (via Finding Home)

34 Sharpie Mug

Sharpie Mug34. Sharpie Mug: Come on over and learn how you can transform a simple mug with Sharpie art! (via Whipperberry)

35 Nate Berkus Inspired Mirror

Nate Berkus Inspired Mirror35. Nate Berkus Inspired Mirror: Ready for another crazy DIY?!? Would you believe me if I told you this mirror is made of the following: $1 plastic plate charger / an old shoelace / a mirror tile from IKEA* / Sharpie marker / Pa… (via Amy Krist)

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