50 Awesome Fabric Scraps DIY Project Ideas

36 Whimsical Key Chains

Whimsical Key Chains36. Whimsical Key Chains: Today we are lucky enough to have Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional. She is super talented and has a lot of super-duper tutorials. I just recently realized we live only a few hours apart and have now made it my goal in life to meet up some day I cant wait to make some of these and use (via Living with Punks)

37 No Sew Fabric Eyeglass Case

No Sew Fabric Eyeglass Case37. No Sew Fabric Eyeglass Case (via Homework)

38 Fabric Scrap Scrunchies

Fabric Scrap Scrunchies38. Fabric Scrap Scrunchies (via Duni’s Studio)

39 Japanese Otedama Bags

Japanese Otedama Bags39. Japanese Otedama Bags: Good Monday to you all! Today we have Sachiko from Tea Rose Home. Sachiko has so many wonderful tutorials and always has something beautiful in the works. I love her idea here to make juggling bean bags with scraps. The natural diagonal design that the strips create is brilliant! This is a great gift idea for those older children (via Living with Punks)

40 Be The Sun Artwork

Be The Sun Artwork40. Be The Sun Artwork: Use a prepared canvas for embroidery artwork for your favorite quote. (via The Mother Huddle)

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