50 Awesome Fabric Scraps DIY Project Ideas

16 Fabric Napkin Rings

Fabric Napkin Rings16. Fabric Napkin Rings (via Sewing in No Mans Land)

17 Easy Fabric Band-Aid

Easy Fabric Band-Aid17. Easy Fabric Band-Aid (via the pink couch)

18 Pottery Barn Kids Lamp Knock-off

Pottery Barn Kids Lamp Knock-off18. Pottery Barn Kids Lamp Knock-off (via Attempting Aloha)

19 Akela Necklace

Akela Necklace19. Akela Necklace: Anthropologie is such a great source to steal ideas from for inspiration. One of my favorite things to do late at night is browse through the Anthro site with a cup of hot tea. Gets my brain going. Much to my delight Anthro just added a darling little fabric and bead… (via Flamingo Toes)

20 Fabric Scrap Wreath

Fabric Scrap Wreath20. Fabric Scrap Wreath: While at my little sewing day with my girl friends, Janis was working on a little project and I just had to share! It is a perfect -sit in the shade- project. Janis saw it made with a heart shaped straw wreath, but all that was found was the circle one.—- love either one. (via Patchwork Posse)

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