50 Awesome Fabric Scraps DIY Project Ideas

46 Rolled Rosette Pillow

Rolled Rosette Pillow46. Rolled Rosette Pillow (via Craft Goodies)

47 Fabric Scrap Shoes

Fabric Scrap Shoes47. Fabric Scrap Shoes (via I Love To Create Blog)

48 Decorative Hot Air Balloons

Decorative Hot Air Balloons48. Decorative Hot Air Balloons: Lulu Loves where I write about the things I love; family, parenting, cookery, gardening,crochet, crafts and life in general. (via Lulu Loves)

49 Jar Decor

Jar Decor49. Jar Decor (via Fancy Tiger Crafts)

50 Decoupage Fabric Desk

Decoupage Fabric Desk50. Decoupage Fabric Desk: Hands down, my fave-fave-fave project to date. Let me paint a picture…. I was wandering aimlessly through the ARC at 9:46 last Monday morning, when suddenly a vibrant light shone out from across (via too much time on my hands)

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