50 Awesome Fabric Scraps DIY Project Ideas

6 No Sew Scrap Fabric Basket

No Sew Scrap Fabric Basket6. No Sew Scrap Fabric Basket: No Sew Scrap Fabric Basket – a quick and easy no-sew craft using a dollar store basket! (via Bless This Mess)

7 Scrap Fabric String Light Cover

Scrap Fabric String Light Cover7. Scrap Fabric String Light Cover: Sticking with my Swedish theme from yesterday, check out these warm and inviting string light covers, made out of clear plastic cups and scraps of pretty fabric, from Swedish crafter Rebecca. These would make lovely decoration and set a nice mood for an evening party or wedding. (via Make)

8 Little Fabric Scrap Earrings

Little Fabric Scrap Earrings8. Little Fabric Scrap Earrings (via Tiny Apartment Crafts)

9 Fabric Button Necklace

Fabric Button Necklace9. Fabric Button Necklace: create a fabric Button necklace (via Blue Cricket Design)

10 Scrap Fabric Welcome Wreath

Scrap Fabric Welcome Wreath10. Scrap Fabric Welcome Wreath: Wreaths create a warm welcome for any holiday or season. To make a unique decoration, try tying strips of fabric around a wire frame and then add a bow, ornament, or some flowers for a pop of color. (via purl3agony)

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