50 Awesome Fabric Scraps DIY Project Ideas

11 Fabric Coasters

Fabric Coasters11. Fabric Coasters: More than likely, many of you have bins overflowing with excess craft supplies. Pretty paper scraps, fabric scraps, ribbons and more, that you just can seem to part ways with. I’m quilty of hoarding all of these supplies and more. For my next GHU52 project, I decided to target one of my many scrap fabric bins and my scrap ribbon jar. In search of project inspiration on Pinterest, I came across these lovely magnets by Tara Anderson, which are made from paper scraps. Intrigued by the randomness of the pieced pattern, I decided to create something similar only in… (via Green Horned Unicorn)

12 Retro Fabric Hair Clips

Retro Fabric Hair Clips12. Retro Fabric Hair Clips: Learn how to make these really cute retro fabric covered hair clips that will add some personality and color to your hairstyle from FrySauceandGrits (via Fry Sauce and Grits)

13 Patchwork Collage Wall Art

Patchwork Collage Wall Art13. Patchwork Collage Wall Art (via Pellon Projects)

14 Mini Quilt

Mini Quilt14. Mini Quilt: It might seem counter intuitive, but summer is really a lovely time for making quilts. Working with crisp cool cotton and going at your own pace is a wonderfully relaxing warm weather pastime. When the weather heats up, it feels natural to work on patchwork projects in measured stages. One night you might cut the pieces, the next day perhaps you can sew a few of them together, a week later it’s time to piece the blocks and so on. Summer just seems to demand this more relaxed approach, and we’re happy to comply!July’s Mini Quilt is especially perfect for summer because of its small, do-able scale and bright, patriotic colors. (via Purl Soho)

15 Insulated Mug Cozy

Insulated Mug Cozy15. Insulated Mug Cozy: I always need a cup of coffee to start my day out, but sometimes, I’m too busy and end up with half a mug of lukewarm coffee after forgetting to take a sip while I’m doing something else. For those days, I decided to create a little something extra to keep my coffee warm enough to drink for longer. Now, I can get distracted, and still come back to a piping hot mug of my favorite morning pick-me-up. Perfect for those busy days when you need all the caffeine you can get. (via Think Crafts!)

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