50 Coolest Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects

6 Wine Cork Magnet Planter

Wine Cork Magnet Planter6. Wine Cork Magnet Planter: wine cork planter (via It All Started with Paint)

7 Cork Screwed Flowers

Cork Screwed Flowers7. Cork Screwed Flowers: Use these cork screwed flowers to brighten up a beverage cart this spring. The painted corks will top any glass bottle nicely and bring a festive dose of spring brightness to a shower or party this season. Theyd look especially sweet in mass at a large gatherings wine bar or to brighten up a BBQ…Read More (via A Subtle Revelry)

8 Thread Spool Wine Corks

Thread Spool Wine Corks8. Thread Spool Wine Corks: Today I want to share a cute and easy idea for making your own wine corks! These fun, decorative corks make sweet gifts. I love using them in my home because they add a little bit of personality! Supplies needed: wood spools and corks (i got mine from hobby lobby), double sided tape, wood glue, embriodery thread, scissors. 1. Use double sided tape to begin adhering thread to your spoot…. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9 Decorative Cork Balls

Decorative Cork Balls9. Decorative Cork Balls: Follow this easy DIY tutorial to create your very own decorative cork ball from recycled wine corks. (via all put together)

10 Wine Cork Coasters

Wine Cork Coasters10. Wine Cork Coasters (via Heartmade)

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