50 Coolest Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects

31 Succulent Cork Starts

Succulent Cork Starts31. Succulent Cork Starts (via Dutch Plum)

32 Ombre Cork Heart

Ombre Cork Heart32. Ombre Cork Heart: When I first met Chriselle(from our fun Down the Aisle with Chriselle series!) she shared that her fiancé and she both love wine. Since I love seeing a couples interests being incorporated into design elements, I began brainstorming fun ideas that would incorporate their love of wine into their wedding day and came up with this cute [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

33 Cork Name Tags

Cork Name Tags33. Cork Name Tags: Ive been collecting wine corks for a while and today Im showing you one way to make use of them: Name Tags! Are you having guests? Let them know where to sit with cork and thin cardboard. To make these you’ll need wine corks, one for every guest at the table. You also need thin Continue reading DIY Cork Name Tags (via Morning Creativity)

34 Cork Napkin Rings

Cork Napkin Rings34. Cork Napkin Rings: Oh, wine, how I love thee….let me count thy ways…anyone else with me on this? As a regular wine drinker, my stash of orphaned wine corks is pretty impressive. My local food co-op collects them to recycle, but where’s the… (via The Brass Paperclip Project)

35 Cork Magnets

Cork Magnets35. Cork Magnets: Most wine drinkers have that big glass jar full of corks. Ok, so maybe there are some that have corks but they are not on display they’re in a big box hidden in the closet, attic or garage. Or ma… (via Lot 18 Blog)

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