50 Coolest Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects

11 Embroidered Cork Necklace

Embroidered Cork Necklace11. Embroidered Cork Necklace: In expectation of the Earth Day and to show awareness for the protection of our beloved Earth, I have prepared a cute, recycling project consisting … (via Instructables)

12 DIY Corkboard

DIY Corkboard12. DIY Corkboard: Hello everyone, my sister, Cher, is a DIY-er who loves to try new things. Last time she was here, you saw this earring holder she made. This time she put together a really cool corkboard using a frame and wine corks and I wanted to share it with all of you! So, here it is! (via Suze Geeks Out)

13 Wine Cork Artwork

Wine Cork Artwork13. Wine Cork Artwork (via the V spot)

14 Canapé Knife

Canapé Knife14. Canapé Knife (via Yarni Gras)

15 Cork Place Holder

Cork Place Holder15. Cork Place Holder: Dept. of Mini Creations. So we were taken to a fabulous LA thang last night: a wine and cheese tasting evening put on by The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Yes, we sat on a gorgeous patio overlooking Rodeo Drive watching the sun set through the palms as we settled in for two hours of Spanish wine (7 flights) and cheese (10 kinds) (ps. for such luxury the price was great, and it’s a little bit of a secret. Email them only to get invited). But to the point: we thought the place holder was a great little feat of inexpensive engineering and worth remembering. Don’t know what to do with all those old corks? Here’s a new trick. MGR (via Apartment Therapy)

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