50 Creative DIY Garland Project Ideas and Tutorials

46 Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers46. Coffee Filter Flowers: I am throwing a baby shower this weekend and having a blast planning the details. Rebecca made these gorgeous pink coffee filter flowers for a shower this summer and created a DIY to share the process with us. I love the substantial impact they create for little time and money. The flowers could be designed (via A Subtle Revelry)

47 Fabric Tassel Garland

Fabric Tassel Garland47. Fabric Tassel Garland: Last week I shared the big reveal of My New Backyard with ya’ll. One of my favorite little touches are these fabric tassel garlands. After our one millionth skype conversation/patio critique (via Pretty Prudent)

48 Cocktail Napkin Garland

Cocktail Napkin Garland48. Cocktail Napkin Garland: For week 1 in the So You Think You’re Crafty challenge, I created this party garland out of cocktail napkins. The challenge theme was, In the Kitchen. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. I didn’t really need anything for my kitchen, so I opted not to build. I thought about a recipe, [] (via Jacks and Kate)

49 Easy Mushroom Garland

Easy Mushroom Garland49. Easy Mushroom Garland (via Paper Cakes Finds)

50 Basic Fringe Garlands

Basic Fringe Garlands50. Basic Fringe Garlands (via Oh Happy Day)

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