50 Creative DIY Garland Project Ideas and Tutorials

6 Hanging Flower Garland

Hanging Flower Garland6. Hanging Flower Garland (via Oh Happy Day)

7 Fabric Bunting

Fabric Bunting7. Fabric Bunting: Bunting is a very cheap and easy way to add color to your celebration. Whether you are planning a bridal shower or picnic reception, these little flags provide major impact with humble materials and a little elbow grease.Materials: Tissue Paper, scissors, glue stick and string Step One: Decide how large you want each flag and then cut out several sheets at once. You’ll want to cut out pieces that are double the desired flag size so that they can be folded over.Step Two: Once you’ve finish… (via Project Wedding)

8 Rustic Ghostly Garland

Rustic Ghostly Garland8. Rustic Ghostly Garland: Halloween Garland | Rustic and Ghostly. Grab a few supplies such as felt, embroidery floss and twine… a super easy and fun craft project! (via Live Laugh Rowe)

9 Rainbow Dipped Pine Cone Garland

Rainbow Dipped Pine Cone Garland9. Rainbow Dipped Pine Cone Garland: I saw Rachel of Smile and Wave dip pine cones in white paint via instagram and thought they would make an amazing rainbow garland for the holidays. Reminiscent of those big bright strings of colorful Christmas lights, I love the final result! I think I prefer these more subtle + rustic alternatives to the bright (via Say Yes)

10 Recycled Gift Bag Garland

Recycled Gift Bag Garland10. Recycled Gift Bag Garland (via Please Note)

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