50 Creative DIY Garland Project Ideas and Tutorials

11 Geometric Bunting

Geometric Bunting11. Geometric Bunting (via Lines Across Reviews)

12 Fruit Balloons Garland

Fruit Balloons Garland12. Fruit Balloons Garland (via Oh Happy Day)

13 Rocket Garland

Rocket Garland13. Rocket Garland (via guusje’s appeltaart)

14 Curly-Q Garland

Curly-Q Garland14. Curly-Q Garland: The best kind of DIY projects are ones that use readily available, inexpensive materials and that can be done while catching up on the latest episode of New Girl. Something as simple as curling thin strips of paper around a pencil give show stopping results. Featured in the latest issue of Styled Magazine, these Curly (via Michelle Edgemont)

15 Origami Hugs and Kisses

Origami Hugs and Kisses15. Origami Hugs and Kisses: Hugs and Kiss Garland Instructions. How to make an easy Hugs-and-Kisses origami garland for a celebration such mothers day or a birthday. (via Origami Spirit)

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