50 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Jazz Up Your Keys

16 Glitter Heart Key Chain

Glitter Heart Key Chain16. Glitter Heart Key Chain: I’m in love with this project. I love the shiny heart against the wood of the birch disks. Once Allie and I started making these sweet things, we couldn’t stop. I don’t think of myself as a girly-girl, but I do love me a little glitter. There is something about it that… #accessory #free #gift (via Flax and Twine)

17 Beaded Keychain

Beaded Keychain17. Beaded Keychain (via Love and Notion)

18 Yarn Wrapped Key Covers

Yarn Wrapped Key Covers18. Yarn Wrapped Key Covers: description (via Crème de la Craft)

19 Sparkle Key Cap

Sparkle Key Cap19. Sparkle Key Cap: This is a nice way to transform a key that you’d like to hang onto – say, the key from your first apartment, or the key to your college dorm room – into wearable art. (via Ramshackle Glam)

20 Dollhouse Keys

Dollhouse Keys20. Dollhouse Keys (via Lust for Luster)

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