50 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Jazz Up Your Keys

36 Gold Wrapped Tassel Keychains

Gold Wrapped Tassel Keychains36. Gold Wrapped Tassel Keychains: PLEASE ENTER YOUR KEYWORDS HERE (via Miss Renaissance)

37 Macramé Key Lasso

Macramé Key Lasso37. Macramé Key Lasso: We got the keys to our new city apartment!!! (via Lebenslustiger.com)

38 Animal Keychains

Animal Keychains38. Animal Keychains (via Ginger Snaps Blog)

39 Data Cable Organizer Keychain

Data Cable Organizer Keychain39. Data Cable Organizer Keychain (via Minted Strawberry)

40 Monogram Keychain

Monogram Keychain40. Monogram Keychain (via Thanks, I Made It)

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