50 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Jazz Up Your Keys

41 Clay Home Keychain

Clay Home Keychain41. Clay Home Keychain: This week is all about the DADS Today I did a keychain, super easy to make with the kids. Tomorrow another surprise to download & print. (via La Maison de Loulou)

42 Leather Shape Keychain

Leather Shape Keychain42. Leather Shape Keychain: DIY Leather Shape Keychains (via Lovely Indeed)

43 Heart Key Ring

Heart Key Ring43. Heart Key Ring: Simple and Sweet DIY leather heart key ring… perfect DIY gift for Valentine’s Day! (via …love Maegan)

44 Washi Tape Keys

Washi Tape Keys44. Washi Tape Keys: I don’t know about you, but I (Julianna) never know which key is which when Im coming home. My keychain looks like a high school… (via Cinema and Spice)

45 Color Code Your Keys

Color Code Your Keys45. Color Code Your Keys (via A Bubbly Life)

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