50 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Jazz Up Your Keys

11 Crochet Keychain

Crochet Keychain11. Crochet Keychain (via Stitch of Love)

12 Yarn Tassel Key Rings

Yarn Tassel Key Rings12. Yarn Tassel Key Rings: This little bead guy came along with my first Crafty Creatives monthly subscription kit (UK). The DIY follows.. very simple to make little yarn tassels. I used my fingers to just wrap a load of yarn around at an even… (via Heart Handmade uk)

13 Colorful Plastic Dip Key Tops

Colorful Plastic Dip Key Tops13. Colorful Plastic Dip Key Tops: Color-code and adorn your keys with this DIY Plasti-Dip option that will make you want to rubberize everything you can get your hands on. (via Design Milk)

14 Repurposed Jewelry

Repurposed Jewelry14. Repurposed Jewelry (via My Salvaged Treasures)

15 Decorated Keys

Decorated Keys15. Decorated Keys (via The Crafty World of LotusBomb)

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