50 DIY Clutches that are Easy to Make

41 Embellished Clutch

Embellished Clutch41. Embellished Clutch (via Swell Mayde)

42 Yellow Clutch

Yellow Clutch42. Yellow Clutch: And because I like keeping my word, here is the how.to.make.this.bag step-by-step…C’mon, its Saturday, you have no school, no work, you probably have a party later today, but you are free right now, so get the fabric, scissors, pins and let the party begin!, then, you take your new clutch to tonight’s party? How does (via StyleScrapbook)

43 Neon Envelope Clutch/iPad Case

Neon Envelope Clutch/iPad Case43. Neon Envelope Clutch/iPad Case (via Swell Mayde)

44 Mini Cotton + Leather Clutch

Mini Cotton + Leather Clutch44. Mini Cotton + Leather Clutch: We are big fans of homemade accessories! It’s fun to customize items to fit your aesthetic or show off your personality. Last summer we made these cute cotton & leather DIY clutches. We thought it would be fun to create a mini version, for carrying pocket change, sunglasses, chap stick and other summer essentials. This is another project from our Canon USA collaboration. We used the MG6320 to print photos… (via A Beautiful Mess)

45 Fashionista Clutch

Fashionista Clutch45. Fashionista Clutch (via BlueBerry Ash)

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