50 Easy and Pretty DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

21 Teacup Herbarium

Teacup Herbarium21. Teacup Herbarium: Fresh herbs are easy to grow and use all around the house. Have some fun by finding containers for an indoor herb garden that remind you to use herbs every day. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

22 Kitchen Herb Garden in a Recycled Pallet Box

Kitchen Herb Garden in a Recycled Pallet Box22. Kitchen Herb Garden in a Recycled Pallet Box: The other day I said to AJ that we should have a kitchen herb garden right outside the window above our sink and then I had a brainstorm I should use the planter we made from the pallet for Easter (which, by the way, was featured yesterday over at this amazing blog Roadkill Rescue, check them out!)! (via Migonis Home)

23 Pallet Living Wall

Pallet Living Wall23. Pallet Living Wall (via The Brew)

24 Wooden Shelf Garden

Wooden Shelf Garden24. Wooden Shelf Garden (via Food Family & Finds)

25 Indoor Hanging Planters

Indoor Hanging Planters25. Indoor Hanging Planters: Create your own indoor herb garden with this simple tutorial for hanging planters! (via Julie Blanner)

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