50 Easy and Pretty DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

31 Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden31. Hanging Garden: If you leave in a big city and don’t have a garden, that’s a pity because its almost summer and we all want is a piece of nature. But the news is good! (via Shelterness)

32 Hanging Coffee Cup Garden

Hanging Coffee Cup Garden32. Hanging Coffee Cup Garden: I have always wanted a little herb garden within easy reach for some fresh herbs when cooking. Ive tried the kitchen window sill method but the plants never seem to make it due to not getting enough light. I decided this year to create a little hanging garden that I can hang outdoors ensuring the (via By Stephanie Lynn)

33 Simple Indoor Garden

Simple Indoor Garden33. Simple Indoor Garden: My Husband and I live in a small duplex with no space for a regular garden. We also live on the shady side of the duplex, so all of our windows get ve… (via Instructables)

34 Hanging Plastic Bottle Planters

Hanging Plastic Bottle Planters34. Hanging Plastic Bottle Planters: I am big on fresh herbs at the moment, but not only herbs, I am busy transforming my garden so that I can grow a lot of my own fruit and vegetables. (via Home-Dzine)

35 Clothespin Planters

Clothespin Planters35. Clothespin Planters: Transforming our first house, one project at a time. (via 7th House on the Left)

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