50 Easy and Pretty DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

41 Opot Wall Planter

Opot Wall Planter41. Opot Wall Planter: Get your modern garden on with Opot, a simple, wall-mounted planter made from one piece of DuPont Tyvek that was designed by designer Clara del Portillo. (via Design Milk)

42 Wash Tub Garden

Wash Tub Garden42. Wash Tub Garden: As we are approaching summer I am becoming more and more obsessed with plants. I know, I am becoming the crazy plant lady. It happens. Ps. our fiddle fig is still alive! I should probably share a post on that & what has been working for us. Anyways, the hubs and I really wanted to (via Liz Marie Blog)

43 Indoor Tin Can Garden

Indoor Tin Can Garden43. Indoor Tin Can Garden (via loveshack chic)

44 Rolling Garden

Rolling Garden44. Rolling Garden: #DigIn with Home Depot and make a rolling herb garden. A great way to beat the cool spring weather and still have delicious herbs! (via Nellie Bellie)

45 Teacup Garden

Teacup Garden45. Teacup Garden: you may remember these? and wondered what I planned for all those tea cups with little holes in the bottom… well if you came by at finders keepers or the GoMA twilight market you’ll have already solved the puzzle. as… (via oldyarns. tells the bower bird stories)

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