50 Easy and Pretty DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

6 Tackle Box Planter

Tackle Box Planter6. Tackle Box Planter: By Andrew Salomone I like fishing. Catching fish is OK, but it can really start to feel a little bit like work once you have an actual fish on your hands. Sitting near water holding a fancy stick with a distinct sense of purpose is really the best part of (via MAKE)

7 Bamboo Steamer Garden

Bamboo Steamer Garden7. Bamboo Steamer Garden: Savour the flavour: nurture a flourishing windowsill nursery, with Asian herbs in bamboo steamers. (via Home Life)

8 Hanging Kitchen Herb Box

Hanging Kitchen Herb Box8. Hanging Kitchen Herb Box: When counter space is limited: a DIY hanging herb garden. For instructions on making a similar box, go to EHow. (via Remodelista)

9 Windowsill Garden

Windowsill Garden9. Windowsill Garden: We’ve been enviously reading posts from the Northern Hemisphere about the lead up to summer and meanwhile down here in Australia, we’ve just entered winter. Its getting really cold and frosty so not much is happening in our garden at the moment. Allison from The Lark brightened our day after she brought her garden inside (via Apartment Therapy)

10 Tin Can Planters

Tin Can Planters10. Tin Can Planters: Recycle kitchen cans into a winsome window herb garden. (via Relish)

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