50 Easy Decorative Pillow Tutorials that You Will Love to Make

16 Ruffled Pillow

Ruffled Pillow16. Ruffled Pillow: Im in love with a pillow. Its been sitting on my bed for a week now, and I never stop sighing when I see it.I had this idea in my head for a few months, but couldn’t quite make reality…. (via Honeysuckle Life)

17 Sweater Pillow

Sweater Pillow17. Sweater Pillow (via Brassy Apple)

18 Spray Painted Pillow

Spray Painted Pillow18. Spray Painted Pillow (via V and Co.)

19 Monogram Pillow

Monogram Pillow19. Monogram Pillow: Were you wondering what the pillows spelled out when I showed you the sneak peek?! Well here they are!They spell out PLAY!Awhile ago, my friend Beth emailed me and told me she want to spell out her daughter, Avery’s name in pillows for her playroom. She told me she really (via Casa de Lewis)

20 Spring Felt Pillow

Spring Felt Pillow20. Spring Felt Pillow: As the title states, this is probably the cutest thing Ive ever made with felt. I LOVE it! I got the idea from the cover of this months Country Living, which has a felt sunflower pillow adorably displayed on a couch. When I got the magazine my eyes immediately went to the pillow and I (via Fab You Bliss)

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