50 Easy Decorative Pillow Tutorials that You Will Love to Make

41 Mod Pillow

Mod Pillow41. Mod Pillow: Hi there! It’s time for the special Holiday edition of the Red Velvet Workshop. In our newest webisode, Rachel, will teach you to make this adorable mod pillow! We hope you enjoyed this episode! We had so much fun creating it together. Much love…. Elsie, Emma + Rachel *Click to download this printable template: Download MODPILLOW (via A Beautiful Mess)

42 Easy Painted Pillow

Easy Painted Pillow42. Easy Painted Pillow (via Southern Lovely)

43 His and Her Pillow

His and Her Pillow43. His and Her Pillow: Our sweet friend Kinsey has been having fun decorating her and husband’s new loft apartment. Today she shares a simple tutorial for creating matching His and Her pillow cases! 1. Supplies: Pillow cases, red and white cotton fabric, adhesive letters. You will also need to have scissors, sewing pins and a sewing machine! 2. First, cut a large heart out of the white fabric. Make sure it’s not bigger than… (via A Beautiful Mess)

44 Strippy Pillow

Strippy Pillow44. Strippy Pillow (via Quilting in the Rain)

45 Stenciled Pillow

Stenciled Pillow45. Stenciled Pillow: Well, we are back at it with copying Anthropologie. Ya’ll make sure you don’t go run and tell them now. Some time ago, our friend Kyle sent Colleen a message saying that she had a request (we tot… (via Two Delighted)

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