50 Easy Decorative Pillow Tutorials that You Will Love to Make

26 Ruffled T-shirt Pillow

Ruffled T-shirt Pillow26. Ruffled T-shirt Pillow: Love anything with ruffles? Then follow these directions to learn how to make this adorable ruffle pillow from an XL t-shirt. Cute, fun, and CHEAP! (via Floralshowers)

27 Rose Petal Pillow

Rose Petal Pillow27. Rose Petal Pillow (via Beyond the Screen Door)

28 Felt Flower Petal Pillow

Felt Flower Petal Pillow28. Felt Flower Petal Pillow (via Don’t Disturb this Groove)

29 Silhouette Pillow

Silhouette Pillow29. Silhouette Pillow (via Dear Lillie)

30 Sprocket Pillow

Sprocket Pillow30. Sprocket Pillow (via Cluck Cluck Sew)

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