50 Easy Decorative Pillow Tutorials that You Will Love to Make

11 Pottery Barn Felt Pillow

Pottery Barn Felt Pillow11. Pottery Barn Felt Pillow (via Cupkateer)

12 Pretzel Pillow

Pretzel Pillow12. Pretzel Pillow: How to Make an Easy DIY Pretzel Pillow (via Studio DIY)

13 Decorative Fabric Pillow

Decorative Fabric Pillow13. Decorative Fabric Pillow (via Just Another Hang Up)

14 Easy Pom Pom Pillow

Easy Pom Pom Pillow14. Easy Pom Pom Pillow (via Mommy by Day Crafter by Night)

15 Butterfly Collection Pillow

Butterfly Collection Pillow15. Butterfly Collection Pillow (via Ruffles & Stuff)

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