50 Easy Decorative Pillow Tutorials that You Will Love to Make

36 Pillow from a Shirt

Pillow from a Shirt36. Pillow from a Shirt (via Ducklings in a Row)

37 Painted Heart Pillow

Painted Heart Pillow37. Painted Heart Pillow: We like white linens. Well, I like white linens I don’t think Evan pays any mind to what color sheets he’s sleeping on. But since I like white, it tends to fill our linen closet. I was feeling crafty earlier this week and since white fabric makes such a perfect canvas, I decided to (via Love + Cupcakes)

38 Triangle Stamped Pillow

Triangle Stamped Pillow38. Triangle Stamped Pillow: Happy Monday friends! Today I am so excited for two different reasons! The first being, we get to bring home our little two month old foster son today! Secondly, I finally finished a pillow that I … (via Hello Lidy)

39 Triangular Pillow

Triangular Pillow39. Triangular Pillow: It’s been months (and months and months) since I’ve taken out the sewing machine. I’m not one of those people that sews on some regular basis. I’ve never finished a project because somewhere down t… (via Hello Lidy)

40 Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Stenciled Arrow Pillow40. Stenciled Arrow Pillow: Today, I want to talk about trends. Well actually, one trend, arrows. I’m seeing them everywhere in home decor and I’m loving it. Recently, Beth from Home Stories A to Z shared a wonderful round up of Arrows in Home Decor and I was completely inspired to begin a project showcasing arrows. (via Making Home Base)

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