50 Insanely Adorable DIY Sock Toys

46 Octopus or Socktopus

Octopus or Socktopus46. Octopus or Socktopus (via My Paper Crane)

47 Sew Sock Bunny

Sew Sock Bunny47. Sew Sock Bunny: Quick and easy way to sew soft toys with sock. Follow the step by step photos and instruction to sew sock bunny by using only 1 sock. The perfect gift for any occasion. (via Craft Passion)

48 Sock Dog

Sock Dog48. Sock Dog: Sock-and-Glove Stuffed Animals (via all you)

49 Christmas Puppy

Christmas Puppy49. Christmas Puppy: It takes only an afternoon and some very basic sewing skills to turn a pair of stray socks into a cuddly canine — and what’s better than getting a puppy for Christmas? (via Martha Stewart)

50 Sock Snake

Sock Snake50. Sock Snake: Life is short. Live pretty. (via Grosgrain)

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