50 Insanely Adorable DIY Sock Toys

36 Sock Dragon

Sock Dragon36. Sock Dragon: Free pattern and tutorial on how to sew sock dragon with 2 pairs of socks. This sock dragon has small arms, big foot, a pair of bat wings and a spiky back. (via Craft Passion)

37 Easter Sock Bunny

Easter Sock Bunny37. Easter Sock Bunny (via Tuts+)

38 Googly-Eye Sock Puppets

Googly-Eye Sock Puppets38. Googly-Eye Sock Puppets (via Schaeresteipapier)

39 Baby Sock Monkey

Baby Sock Monkey39. Baby Sock Monkey (via Wag Doll)

40 Sock Doll Bowling Set

Sock Doll Bowling Set40. Sock Doll Bowling Set (via Mäde! by Kasia)

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