50 Insanely Adorable DIY Sock Toys

11 Sock Skeleton

Sock Skeleton11. Sock Skeleton: Get the tutorial on how to sew a female sock skeleton doll from a pair of white socks. Modified and adapted from sock skeleton of Martha Stewart’s website! (via Craft Passion)

12 Sock Cow

Sock Cow12. Sock Cow (via Craft with Confidence)

13 Hop to It Sock Bunny

Hop to It Sock Bunny13. Hop to It Sock Bunny: I recently saw a sock bunny a crafty lady made over at Tip Junkie (great blog to check out!). I liked the idea, but I wanted one that was more in an upright position. Looking at a sock, this idea came very quickly to me. It was really fast to make as well. This is (via Happy Together)

14 Microwavable Sock Frog

Microwavable Sock Frog14. Microwavable Sock Frog: Microwavable Sock Frog (Now with huge pic tutorial!) – TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS – Tutorial added after the pictures of the first sock frog!After offering to make a friend either a sock monkey, sock dog, or sock cat, she requested a (via Craftster)

15 Sock Monters

Sock Monters15. Sock Monters: Cut a 3 inch long section of sock and a 5 inch long section of sock. Then cut them up the sides. If you are not using socks, cut two pieces of stretchy fabric about 3 by 5 inches, and… (via 13th Street Studio)

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