50 Insanely Adorable DIY Sock Toys

16 Lop Eared Bunny

Lop Eared Bunny16. Lop Eared Bunny: Sew a lop eared bunny from sock. You need a pair of crew length sock and another matching colored sock to sew. Instructions come with step by step pictures. (via Craft Passion)

17 Baby Owl

Baby Owl17. Baby Owl (via Whimsy Loft)

18 Pocket Doll

Pocket Doll18. Pocket Doll (via Through My Eyes)

19 Sock Animal Rattle

Sock Animal Rattle19. Sock Animal Rattle (via Homemade by Jill)

20 Sock Zebra

Sock Zebra20. Sock Zebra (via Sew Make believe)

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