50 Insanely Delicious Chicken Wings Recipes

36 Sticky-Sweet Caribbean Wings

Sticky-Sweet Caribbean Wings36. Sticky-Sweet Caribbean Wings: These wings have a spiced, sticky glaze that is sweet with a pleasant heat that lurks beneath. Plus, they’re so hard to stop eating; perfect game-day fare. (via girlichef)

37 No Mess Hot Wings

No Mess Hot Wings37. No Mess Hot Wings: Do you like hot wings but do not like the sticky wetness of it all? That’s how I am because there is nothing I hate worse than getting my fingers and hands messy but I do love the taste of chicken … (via Kelli’s Kitchen)

38 Sticky Chicken Wings

Sticky Chicken Wings38. Sticky Chicken Wings: Sticky chicken wings are made in a cast iron pan. Wings are marinaded in a sweet-savory mixture for 2 hours. Feel free to lick your fingers when gobbling! (via Give Recipe)

39 Buttermilk Southwestern Chicken Wings

Buttermilk Southwestern Chicken Wings39. Buttermilk Southwestern Chicken Wings: These buttermilk Southwestern chicken wings are full of spice and perfect for grilling. If you need a Memorial Day appetizer this recipe is the perfect addition! (via Nutmeg Nanny)

40 Honey Sesame Chicken Wings

Honey Sesame Chicken Wings40. Honey Sesame Chicken Wings: No need to deep fry these chicken wings, there is a much better method! Try these chicken wings coated with sesame and get addicted! (via Give Recipe)

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