55 Awesome Wood Shim DIY Tutorials and Project Ideas

41 Dipped Wood Shim Starburst Mirror

Dipped Wood Shim Starburst Mirror41. Dipped Wood Shim Starburst Mirror: Today I’m introducing you to Chaney of May Richer Fuller Be, who will be sharing some DIY projects here each month! I’m so excited about this because, well, just look at all the awesome on this post. LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS, YA’LL. Also, I just updated the site so please excuse the wonky formatting today (via Kayla Aimee Writes)

42 Wood Shim Pennant

Wood Shim Pennant42. Wood Shim Pennant: Three years ago when we moved into this house we had to repair a bit of water damaged drywall in our basement, and because we knew nothing at all about home repair we bought a giant bundle of 4ft long wood shims (for about $10) to assist with this project. At the time I didn’t know (via Sandpaper and Glue)

43 Shim Chic Wall Decor

Shim Chic Wall Decor43. Shim Chic Wall Decor (via Sallygoodin)

44 Herringbone Shim Art

Herringbone Shim Art44. Herringbone Shim Art (via While They Snooze)

45 Wood Shim Pendant Light

Wood Shim Pendant Light45. Wood Shim Pendant Light (via may richer fuller be)

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