55 Awesome Wood Shim DIY Tutorials and Project Ideas

6 Chic Wood Shim Headboard

Chic Wood Shim Headboard6. Chic Wood Shim Headboard: Create a unique headboard using an unexpected material: wood shims. This step-by-step shows you how. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

7 Wood Shim Bookcase

Wood Shim Bookcase7. Wood Shim Bookcase: This wood shim bookcase is a great project to add interest and beauty to any space. (via Thistlewood Farms)

8 Shims Mirror Project

Shims Mirror Project8. Shims Mirror Project (via House of Hepworths)

9 Wood Shim Wreath

Wood Shim Wreath9. Wood Shim Wreath: Autumn. *happy sigh* Its the time of year when I really enjoy adding personal, homey touches to our abode. I troll Pinterest for inspiration and indulge myself in scenes of Autumnal, cozy perfection. *another happy sigh* And then, ya’ll, I look around at my real, everyday life. The Incredible Never-Shrinking Laundry Pile, two active boys, (via Anna K. Originals)

10 Wood Shim Dresser

Wood Shim Dresser10. Wood Shim Dresser: Have an old dresser that needs new life? Check out our Upcycled Wood Shim Dresser Diy..it might just do the trick! (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

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