55 Awesome Wood Shim DIY Tutorials and Project Ideas

31 Wall Art Piece with Wooden Shims

Wall Art Piece with Wooden Shims31. Wall Art Piece with Wooden Shims: I have a fond love of decorating with do-it-yourself wall art. Filling bare walls can become pretty expensive with custom art pieces and that is only when you can actually find something that truly fits your style and personality. You get exactly what you looking for when you create your own pieces and it is (via By Stephanie Lynn)

32 Wooden Shim Decorative Mirror

Wooden Shim Decorative Mirror32. Wooden Shim Decorative Mirror: See how one blogger turned wooden shims into elegant wall decor. (via Woman’s Day)

33 Wood Shim Drum Shade

Wood Shim Drum Shade33. Wood Shim Drum Shade: Give boring recessed lighting in your home an upgrade with a beautiful DIY wood shim drum shade (via Home Coming)

34 Wood Shim Instragram Frame

Wood Shim Instragram Frame34. Wood Shim Instragram Frame (via Our Fifth House)

35 Modern and Minimalist Herb Markers

Modern and Minimalist Herb Markers35. Modern and Minimalist Herb Markers: I have lost count how many times I have brought potted herbs into our home only to have them shrivel up and die shortly thereafter. I have set them in filtered light, full sunlight, over-watered a… (via Amy Krist)

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