55 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Using Wood Slices and Logs

21 Wood Stools

Wood Stools21. Wood Stools (via h&a happenings)

22 Rustic Wood Pedestals

Rustic Wood Pedestals22. Rustic Wood Pedestals: These DIY Rustic Wood Pedestals can be used as risers for food or to decorate. Either way they’re perfect for bringing a natural element to your home decor~ (via All Things Heart and Home)

23 Industrial Cupcake Stand

Industrial Cupcake Stand23. Industrial Cupcake Stand (via That’s My Letter)

24 Wood Slice Thumbtacks

Wood Slice Thumbtacks24. Wood Slice Thumbtacks: Forget those boring thumbtacks, use wood slices and paint the edges for a modern rustic look! Wood Slice Thumbtacks! (via Mountain Modern Life)

25 Wood Slice Display Board

Wood Slice Display Board25. Wood Slice Display Board: I am super super excited about today’s project!! I have been LOVING the wood slices cut from trees for a while now and have seen so many fun things with them! In fact I recently gathered up a few logs… (via Maggie Holmes)

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