55 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Using Wood Slices and Logs

46 Birch Vase

Birch Vase46. Birch Vase: Bring the outdoors in by creating your own birch vase for simple & beautiful winter decor. It’s the perfect holiday centerpiece! (via Julie Blanner)

47 Fire Log

Fire Log47. Fire Log (via Reckless Glamour)

48 Painted Wood Slice Tray

Painted Wood Slice Tray48. Painted Wood Slice Tray (via She Makes a Home)

49 Wood Slice Garland

Wood Slice Garland49. Wood Slice Garland: Create a stunning wood slice garland for your rustic holiday decor. Learn the correct way to drill your wood slice for proper hanging. (via Fynes Designs)

50 Wood Slice Table Centerpiece

Wood Slice Table Centerpiece50. Wood Slice Table Centerpiece (via Lindsay Stephenson)

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