55 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Using Wood Slices and Logs

41 Wood Slice Flowers

Wood Slice Flowers41. Wood Slice Flowers (via Ashbee Design)

42 Calendar

Calendar42. Calendar: Download this free printable 2014 calendar! Just add a wood slice for a cute desk top option! (via Clean and Scentsible)

43 Coaster or Wall Art

Coaster or Wall Art43. Coaster or Wall Art: today i want to share a tutorial with you that was published already in march on going home to roost because i actually messed up the project for today. but in case you missed it earlier this year and still need a nice table decoration for thanksgiving you might like this. Read More (via Happy Serendipity)

44 Gold Dipped Log Candle Holders

Gold Dipped Log Candle Holders44. Gold Dipped Log Candle Holders: We love Etsy. And you know we love log candle holders. And we love gold dipping just about anything this time of year. So we’ve got triple the love happening today at Lifeovereasy because Etsy (via Lifeovereasy)

45 Rustic Chalkboard

Rustic Chalkboard45. Rustic Chalkboard: A uniquely all natural chalkboard, cut, sanded, and painted in the US. This rustic chalkboard makes a great piece of art for the wall no matter what you write o (via Olive Manna)

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