55 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials Using Wood Slices and Logs

51 Rock Tic Tac Toe Board

Rock Tic Tac Toe Board51. Rock Tic Tac Toe Board (via Lindsay Stephenson)

52 Wood Slice Ornaments

Wood Slice Ornaments52. Wood Slice Ornaments: These wood slice Christmas ornaments are a quick and easy gift to make, and look great on top of a wrapped present! Learn how to make your own in this post. (via Becoming Martha)

53 Wood Slice Necklace Pendant

Wood Slice Necklace Pendant53. Wood Slice Necklace Pendant: Make an easy Fall necklace pendant using wood slices. A great craft for your kids! (via Northstory)

54 Make a Table Using a Log and Old Chair Legs

Make a Table Using a Log and Old Chair Legs54. Make a Table Using a Log and Old Chair Legs: DIY Network shows you how to make a pair of tables using rough-cut lumber and a set of old metal chair legs. (via DIY Network)

55 Mini Wood Slices Table Runner

Mini Wood Slices Table Runner55. Mini Wood Slices Table Runner: Exclusively from Simons Maison Mosaic of interesting small applique wood slices on chocolate brown felt-a charming rustic accent that easily matches traditional and modern decors. – Natural rich colours – Easy care with a simple wipe – Dimensions: 25 x 100 cm or 25 x 140 cm (via Simons)

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