The 50 Cutest DIY Projects that ANYONE Will be Addicted to

21 Clay Bunny Bowl

Clay Bunny Bowl21. Clay Bunny Bowl: You can’t go wrong with this air dry clay DIY. Make these sweet little bunny bowls in time for Easter. (via Alice & Lois)

22 Pet Cloud

Pet Cloud22. Pet Cloud (via Little Gatherer)

23 Silly Face Stamps

Silly Face Stamps23. Silly Face Stamps: We love to make stamps out of simple shapes – you can see our first go at making geo stamps in this post here. Recently we made another set with the idea of making silly faces out of them. And we’v… (via Mer Mag)

24 Totoro Costume

Totoro Costume24. Totoro Costume: See the full Totoro Costume Tutorial HERE! **I do not make Totoro Costumes for sale. ** *UPDATE: Since this post has been getting a lot of views, I figure I should at least add one photo of the finished hood. This post was published with photos from her first fitting and after these were (via you and mie)

25 Pom-pom Napkin Rings

Pom-pom Napkin Rings25. Pom-pom Napkin Rings: Lets skip the part where I talk about my pom-pom obsession, and get right down to the making of these amazing little things. If you can make a pom-pom, you can make these! They are so easy, and very Anthropologie-esque. Start with making a pom-pom. There are many ways to do this. I used pom-pom (via Art Bar)

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