The 50 Cutest DIY Projects that ANYONE Will be Addicted to

41 Watermelon Piñata

Watermelon Piñata41. Watermelon Piñata (via Oh Happy Day)

42 Cork Bear Mirror

Cork Bear Mirror42. Cork Bear Mirror (via Hellobee)

43 Cat Toe Shoes

Cat Toe Shoes43. Cat Toe Shoes: The best tutorial for DIY cat toe shoes, which every cat lady is gonna enjoy making (and wearing!) (via Kittenhood)

44 Animal Ear Cake Topper

Animal Ear Cake Topper44. Animal Ear Cake Topper: These cutest little DIY animal ear cake toppers you ever did eat… I mean, see… (via Sugar & Cloth)

45 Clay Doughnut Charm

Clay Doughnut Charm45. Clay Doughnut Charm: How to Make a Polymer Clay Doughnut Charm or Ring. Today we will be making these sweet little doughnut charms with polymer clay. Sculpting with clay is one of my favorite mediums, and though I don’t use it as often as I should, it only takes me rolling it in my hands for a few seconds to Continue reading (via eHow)

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