The 50 Cutest DIY Projects that ANYONE Will be Addicted to

36 Cress cups with a face

Cress cups with a face36. Cress cups with a face: Creating and maintaining a website can be complicated enough, without the stress of ensuring there are opportunities for people to spread the word. Simple Share Buttons allows your visitors to share your content with ease, and you as a provider to offer the service worry-free. (via By Wilma)

37 Felt Crown

Felt Crown37. Felt Crown: diy, felt, birthday crown, party crown, baby, kids, party decor, handmade, craft (via Shop Sweet Things)

38 Button Bookmark

Button Bookmark38. Button Bookmark: Learn how to make these simple and cute button bookmarks in this step by step tutorial. (via i heart naptime)

39 Button Belt

Button Belt39. Button Belt: Button up! I got a package of wooden buttons in the mail last week. Perfect for making belts!For those of you that have been reading my earlier posts, you’ve seen the same type of buttons on several earlier projects: button rings, bracelets, name flags, magnets and earrings. This time Ill make a colorful button belt. Continue reading DIY Button Belt (via Morning Creativity)

40 Button Shoes

Button Shoes40. Button Shoes (via I Love to Create)

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