35 Awesome and Creative DIY Stamp Projects and Tutorials

11 Create Your Very Own Stamp

Create Your Very Own Stamp11. Create Your Very Own Stamp (via Happiness is Creating)

12 Stamped Wedges

Stamped Wedges12. Stamped Wedges: [[MORE]]Lets talk about palm trees.Actually lets talk about the fact that its nearly the third week of August and Ive just now decided to add palm trees to my wardrobe. Its not that I haven’t… (via Making Lovely)

13 Stamping with Pencils

Stamping with Pencils13. Stamping with Pencils (via The Lab on the Roof)

14 Stamping with Yarn

Stamping with Yarn14. Stamping with Yarn (via Print and Pattern)

15 Napkin Stamping

Napkin Stamping15. Napkin Stamping (via my.life.at.playtime.)

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