35 Awesome and Creative DIY Stamp Projects and Tutorials

31 Rock Stamps

Rock Stamps31. Rock Stamps: Rock stamps are a simple, cheap, lovable craft that kids will adore. (via Thrive 360 Living)

32 Rolling Stamp

Rolling Stamp32. Rolling Stamp (via iLoveToCreate Blog)

33 Foam and Wooden Block Stamps

Foam and Wooden Block Stamps33. Foam and Wooden Block Stamps (via For the Makers)

34 Cookie Cutter Stamp

Cookie Cutter Stamp34. Cookie Cutter Stamp: Today is the day! My Love Bug turns the big 5. MJ and I decorated with balloons and streamers in her favorite colors, pink and purple and there is cake and gift opening for later in the day. And if the sun would grace us with its presence, that would be nice. Of course, Love (via this heart of mine)

35 Retro Clock Stamps

Retro Clock Stamps35. Retro Clock Stamps (via vitamini handmade)

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