35 Awesome and Creative DIY Stamp Projects and Tutorials

16 Cardboard Stamping

Cardboard Stamping16. Cardboard Stamping (via Pure and Noble)

17 Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp17. Rubber Stamp (via Curious and Catcat)

18 Easy Cork Stamp

Easy Cork Stamp18. Easy Cork Stamp: Make your own small stamp from a wine cork! Ive wanted to try this ever since I saw this post a year ago. It is (via Morning Creativity)

19 Flower Stamping

Flower Stamping19. Flower Stamping: That was long, he says, slipping his fingers between mine. (via Moonfrye)

20 Button and Straw Stamps

Button and Straw Stamps20. Button and Straw Stamps (via Blissfully Domestic)

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