35 Awesome and Creative DIY Stamp Projects and Tutorials

21 Leaf Clover Stamps from Toilet Paper Rolls

Leaf Clover Stamps from Toilet Paper Rolls21. Leaf Clover Stamps from Toilet Paper Rolls: Here’s a quick St. Patrick’s Day craft idea: Use toilet paper rolls to make a Shamrock stamp. This upcycled projects was inspired by our Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps guest posted by M (via Pretty Prudent)

22 Bundle Pencil Eraser Stamping

Bundle Pencil Eraser Stamping22. Bundle Pencil Eraser Stamping: Have you tried stamping with the eraser side of the pencil. They make beautiful dot impressions. Bundle up pencils with rubber bands so that the erasers form a flower shape and stamp flowers. Bundle pencils to make a grape bunch shape and stamp bunches of grapes. (via Craft to Art)

23 Apple Art Print

Apple Art Print23. Apple Art Print (via BJs Member Journal)

24 Celery Stamping

Celery Stamping24. Celery Stamping: Make a rainbow fish using celery as a stamp! It’s a fun ocean craft for kids to make. (via Crafty Morning)

25 Pressed Leaves Stamping

Pressed Leaves Stamping25. Pressed Leaves Stamping (via ukkonooa)

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