35 Awesome and Creative DIY Stamp Projects and Tutorials

26 Denim Scraps Stamp

Denim Scraps Stamp26. Denim Scraps Stamp: Denim scraps are easy to use up but how about those hard hems and edges? Here is one easy peasy way to use them up to make beautiful hand stamped wrapping paper. (via Crafting a Green World)

27 Lint Rollers Stamping

Lint Rollers Stamping27. Lint Rollers Stamping: Print your own custom holiday cards and wrapping paper with these tree stamps made from a lint roller and bottle cap! (via Handmade Charlotte)

28 Household Items Stamping

Household Items Stamping28. Household Items Stamping: Your kids will enjoy creating these stamped napkins DIYs while learning how to be resourceful. (via Momtastic)

29 Geometric Foam Stamps

Geometric Foam Stamps29. Geometric Foam Stamps (via The Plumed Nest)

30 S’mores Stamp

S'mores Stamp30. S’mores Stamp (via Snowdrop and Company)

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