35 Awesome Secret Hiding Places to Stash Your Stuff

21 Hidden Jewelry Storage

Hidden Jewelry Storage21. Hidden Jewelry Storage (via DIY Enthusiasts)

22 Hidden Staircase Storage

Hidden Staircase Storage22. Hidden Staircase Storage: Photo : John Adderley (via Houzz)

23 Hidden Canned Food Storage Cabinet

Hidden Canned Food Storage Cabinet23. Hidden Canned Food Storage Cabinet: DIY Canned Food Organizer Tutorial (via Classy Clutter)

24 Clever Stair Storage

Clever Stair Storage24. Clever Stair Storage (via Leva and Bo)

25 Secret Storage Compartment Under the Bed

Secret Storage Compartment Under the Bed25. Secret Storage Compartment Under the Bed: All of these would be awesome to have in my house, but 29 is my favorite. (via SlipTalk)

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