35 Awesome Secret Hiding Places to Stash Your Stuff

31 Hideaway Sink

Hideaway Sink31. Hideaway Sink (via Unclutterer)

32 Slide-Out Storage

Slide-Out Storage32. Slide-Out Storage: A slide-out storage cube holds cookbooks in the front and a built-in spice rack in the rear. A small microwave in the cubby below is usually hidden behind the cabinet’s “flipper” doors, which open out into the room and then slide back neatly into recesses along the sides. (via This Old House)

33 Rolling Clothes Closet

Rolling Clothes Closet33. Rolling Clothes Closet: Name: Matthew and Emma McGregor-Mento Location: New York, NY Size: 650 sq/ft Years lived in: 6 months When Matthew and Emma bought their 6th floor apartment in the East Village, they knew they wanted it to be filled with natural living things and to convey the sense that “nature was taking the apartment back, like a small plant growing from a crack in the sidewalk.” Inspired by the Japanese notion of multi-use and transforming spaces, their home is a tribute to environmentally-friendly design in every aspect, from the custom formaldehyde free, FSC-certified wood cabinets to the amazing plant wall… (via Apartment Therapy)

34 Staircase Storage

Staircase Storage34. Staircase Storage (via A Thousand Great Ideas)

35 Hidden Stair Storage

Hidden Stair Storage35. Hidden Stair Storage: We venture underground for our last stop on the tour of the bookshelves at Pack Mansions, into the basement where our kitchen and, oddly, our bathroom are to be found. Unsurprisingly we keep our cookery books here. The most frequently… (via Me and My Big Mouth)

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